Sunday, March 4, 2012

An Awesome Giveaway at Hippies, Beauty and Books, Oh My!!

According to Hippies' blog, "On March 13th, Simon & Schuster is publishing The Devil’s Scribe, a short story that’s part of The Taker Saga." How great is that? 

And do you want to hear something even better? "Second, the trade paperback version of The Taker is coming out on March 27th." Woohoo! 

I know it's hard to top that, but there's more! " It is going to be a really special paperback, with a reader's guide and a chapter from the second book in the trilogy, The Reckoning, which is due to hit shelves June 19th, 2012! You can read Chapter 1 of The Taker by clicking here." 

So head over to Hippies, Beauty and Books, Oh My! and enter their giveaway, for an amazing chance to win a fan pack which includes: a proof of the trade paperback cover, a spoofy wine label made for The Reckoning, bookmarks, post-it notes and a Reckoning pen, and a paperback copy of The Taker.  Just go here to enter :D

Good luck!

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